Sasheer Zamata

Our guest this week is Sasheer Zamata. Sasheer is a very funny comic now living Los Angeles. Sasheer was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, has per...View Details

Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias is a great comic who performed regularly on Underground Comedy shows for years before moving to New York and starting his podcast, Cum...View Details

Pete Lee

Pete Lee is originally from Wisconsin and has appeared on Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. In this episode Pete explains how after years of doi...View Details

Phil Hanley

Phil Hanley is a great comic who is originally from Canada and was one of the earliest headliners at Big Hunt. He's a regular at the Comedy Cellar, ha...View Details

Jo Firestone

Our guest today is Jo Firestone. Jo has done a ton of stuff in short period of time. She wrote for and acted in a show called Joe Pera Talks to You on...View Details

Matteo Lane

Matteo Lane has been headlining our shows for years. He's a regular at the Comedy Cellar and has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late ...View Details

Ryan O’Flanagan

Ryan O'Flanagan is a Los Angeles-based comic who has a half hour Comedy Central special and was in the Netflix show American Vandal. Ryan made a viral...View Details

Zainab Johnson

Our third episode is an experimental one. After two conversations about comedy, this one is all about relationships. Our guest, Zainab Johnson, is a ...View Details

Andy Haynes

Andy Haynes is a New York-based comedian and writer. In addition to his own half hour Comedy Central special, he has been seen on Conan and Late Nigh...View Details

Jared Logan

Our first episode features Jared Logan from The Late Late Show and Comedy Central. Jared discusses his journey from college theater in Tennessee to st...View Details